leeds worst
kept secret

enter the maven.

Pull on your brogues and take a stroll down Call Lane in the centre of Leeds and keep an eye out for the entrance without a sign.

Follow the hidden staircase to the doors emblazoned ‘M’ and you’ll enter a room concealed behind darkened windows. And, as you peer through the subdued lighting, you’ll find possibly the worst kept secret in Leeds nightlife – The Maven.


sophisticated cool.


The Maven wanted a site that reflected its atmosphere, raising a glass and doffed cap to the legendary era of US prohibition.

A site that captured the uniquely stylish venue, oozing sophisticated cool. Showcasing some of the most creative, experienced and not to mention dapper mixologists around.

By all means visit the site, but we say, visit The Maven and experience the most impressively complex array of cocktails in town.


prohibition with a twist


some work