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Red Square Vodka relaunched itself into the market as part of a £1 million investment; new recipe; new flavours; a new campaign created by Ponderosa.

Life. Live it. Join it. Make it. Share it. Square it.

The campaign positions Red Square Vodka as a symbol of the sociable. Bringing people together. Making the good times great. Our key aim was to maintain this strong reference to the brand throughout the site, whilst conveying information about the product and engaging the user.


it all began with a square

Digital creative Digital creative

design it.

Creatively the site began as a very simple idea. A square. From this we began to map a user journey across cocktails, social, flavours and lifestyle.

The simple square also sparked the idea for the initial user interaction – when the user lands on the site, they are presented with a brand animatic, with a cue to ‘Click it’, creating the engagement and interaction which will then take the user throughout the rest of the site.

User journeys are always a key part of our process and we wanted the journey through the site to be a fluid experience, with no dead ends, continually changing and shifting content, so the user can fully experience all the Red Square Vodka brand has to offer.


develop it.

Integral to the site’s look and feel is the “grid” system design. The squares flip out from underneath each other, and then slightly rise “above” the grid when hovered over using CSS3 3D transforms to add a real sense of depth.

Rather than scrolling around the grid in the conventional manner, the whole grid moves with the mouse where necessary so that the edges of the grid draw in when the pointer approaches the respective edge of the screen.

For added polish, the site uses a “pushState” method of loading new pages, meaning that we are delivery the site framework to the user quicker, improving that ever so important user experience.


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