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working within a framework.

Keeping the North of England running on Gas, Northern Gas Networks service an area of 25,000 square kilometres serving 2.7 million customers.

Britian’s energy Network providers are regulated by Ofgem who set out a framework for all network providers to follow. This Framework sets out key objectives such as Reduce Costs, Reliable and Safe, Putting the customer first, Involving the community and Gearing up for the future.


designing for data

Digital planning & Strategy Digital planning & Strategy

making it interesting.

The consumer website needed to set out the approach Northern Gas Network were taking to the Ofgem framework objectives in a fresh and attractive digital environment.

Our challenge was to bring design to data, statistical information and quite lengthy forms. We took the content section by section and considered how we could bring it to life and structure it in such a way as to present it in a web friendly style.

We chose to work with a block style layout that would work on desktop, tablet and smartphone allowing the content to re-flow to suite the users device. This worked for videos, infographics, forms, pages and diagrams.


creating solutions.

NGN were granted funding from Ofgem to gather and share energy usage data from 12 gas pre-heating locations around Yorkshire. The objective was to share information with other gas providers on the most efficient technologies for gas pre-heating (pre-heating gas prevents freezing).

We built a solution which takes readings every hour from all sites and shares this on the website in the form of data and graphs. Data can be filtered and downloaded by but is of primary use to other gas network providers.


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