Lambrini Bodyguard App

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getting you
home safe

lambrini bodyguard.


We Worked with Lambrini to develop a winter campaign and on-pack promotion, that promoted safer drinking within it’s predominantly female audience.

More than just promoting safer drinking, we wanted to create something that would be useful to the Lambrini drinker and beyond, and so the Lambrini Bodyguard phone app was born.


define the user journey


The initial concepts centred around ‘getting you home safe’. This lead us to collating data of taxi companies from around the country which could be accessed based on the geo-location data of the users phone. For example if someone was in Manchester, the app would lookup the nearest taxi companies based on their location with a click to call.

In addition to this we sourced local train, tram and bus timetables. The final touch was to then have the app let your nearest and dearest know that you were on your way home and once home that you were there safe, either through text message, Facebook post or Tweet.


how much?

Other features of the app included a unit calculator that could be used to track or total up the number of units consumed on a night out, with a subtle notification when the recommended daily units had been reached.

These were presented in an easy to use carousel featuring popular drinks and common measures.


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