music to our ears

20 years of music.

With brands like UKF, Drum & Bass Arena and All Trap Music, AEI have been discovering, inspiring and investing in music industry talent since 1996.

They wanted to launch a new site that allowed AEI to showcase how they work with entrepreneurs and artists, turning their passion for music into a career. How they build global brands with substantial, tangible reach, produce chart-topping music releases and create unique festival experiences.


our vision.

We had a clear internal goal: we wanted to disrupt their industry so after mapping out potential users and a new fresh content structure we got busy mixing colours. Luckily AEI are all about, technology, experimentation and innovation.

We wanted this approach to be evident so to mirror these values online, we stripped away any unnecessary clutter and set about focusing the site around an explosion of vibrancy through vivid colours and amazing video content.

So not to lose the importance of any written content, any remaining space was left crisp and simple allowing us to focus on fluid movement and subtle interactions. 


some work