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40 years of heritage.

Over the past 40 years everything ABI Holiday Homes have done has been centered around their customer. They’re a company that have spent all their time and energy, painstakingly and meticulously building a great handcrafted product.

Considering the smallest things with an attention to detail that sets them apart from the competition.

The result was a brand that had serious heritage and reputation within the holiday home sector – but no social media presence and an out of date website that didn’t reflect the craftsmanship or quality.


innovative content

Social, Content & Email marketing Social, Content & Email marketing

exponential growth.

Over the past two years, we have built the social media presence for ABI Holiday Homes from scratch. Seeing the combined social audience grow from 0 to over 16,000.

The innovative content  we have developed is the key to this success – whether it’s the search for the oldest ABI, #ThrowbackThursday starring retro vans, a temperature-activated sunglasses giveaway, or the April Fool featuring an ABI Holiday Home which transformed from one storey to three, reaching over 60,000 ABI fans.


getting to the core.

Underpinning all content created are the ABI brand values; down to earth, caring, honest and helpful.

The little things DO matter, which make such a difference to the ABI customers and the time spent creating family memories at their holiday homes.

Following on from this, the Grapple launch of and the creation of a new brochure format by Ponderosa, ABI Holiday Homes recorded their best ever sales season.


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