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no client can ever have a tantrum quite like a one year old

Coming back to work after having a baby can be daunting.

Coming back to work after having a baby can be daunting. You think about what will have changed, can I still do my job? How will I juggle working and taking care of a baby? But it shouldn’t be daunting because you soon get back into the swing of it and I’ve loved it!

Last year I was worried to step away from what I’d worked hard to achieve and the thought of having to start from scratch whilst balancing my new home life with this new being I’d created was difficult to comprehend. Now I’m back after my first year of raising a baby I can say it’s not as daunting as I had initially feared! Although it is a balancing act, one I am still getting used to, I would implore more women in our industry to not be fearful and to embrace the prospect of being a working mum. I would urge other agencies to also embrace working mums as a valued part of their workforce – we have heaps to offer.

I love being back at work because it’s ‘me’ time. Work was a huge part of my life before I had a baby and made up who I was, stepping away from it only makes you realise what you miss. Because it’s ‘me’ time I work harder 9-5.30 so I can get the most out of my time at work, which in turn is a win-win for my clients and employer. I love the ability to sit and think at work, think of other things going on in the industry/world, learning about technical developments and campaigns reaching new heights. Extreme multi tasking skills, working to crazy deadlines and remembering no client can ever have a tantrum quite like a one-year-old gives you extra weapons in your armory.

I was worried about coming back to work. Agencies are such cool and hip places to work (not that I was either of those before I had a baby!) but once I’d had my baby I thought I was officially ‘over the hill’ – I’m only 29! But I’m realising I can still be digitally focused and savvy. I’ve seen recently that mums are pretty cool people who at the moment are owning motherhood all the while taking digital by storm. Take for example on Instagram ‘Mother_of_daughters’ she has 337k followers, ‘Clemmie_telford’ – 46.9k followers, ‘The Unmumsy Mum’ 227k Instagram followers and a mighty 590k on Facebook. These are working mums, midwives, authors and creative directors with a huge influence for brands. It would be stupid not to know of them and their influence. I hope for one to follow suit.

Looking back, a year away can give you great perspective and clarity. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in agency life, campaigns and website builds, we forget what’s going on in the world or simply don’t see another side to it. Lifting your head up from it all can be refreshing, it’s certainly given me an improved viewpoint, everything seems so much clearer – not on any specific area either at work or at home but just I just feel improved as a person and I couldn’t be happier to be back at my second home, Grapple.

We are hiring! View opportunities

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