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keep scollin’ scrollin’ scrollin’

“Will people scroll?” is a question we often get asked.

“Will people scroll?” is a question we often get asked. In short our answer is simply “Yes, they will”. The idea that users don’t scroll when viewing websites and apps has now become a UX myth.

What is the fold?

Above fold is a term used to describe the section of a website or app that is visible to the user without scrolling. And with the ever growing range of devices and screen sizes available, defining ‘the fold’ is almost impossible, but luckily this is something we don’t have to worry about too much – people will venture below the fold.

Why are users now scrolling?

There are a number of reason that have help encourage users to scroll whilst browsing websites, two of the main ones are:


As users have become more familiar with scrolling as a method of navigation through the use of mobile and tablet devices, this is a behaviour that they are transferring on to desktop devices. Social media’s use of infinite scrolling has also played a part in changing the way we behave when viewing websites – think about how you view your Facebook or Twitter news feed – you scroll. The popularity of this has helped make scrolling on websites a more natural behaviour.


In some instances web pages are now been designed to encourage users to scroll. This is done using a number of techniques for example; placement of clear calls to action for the user to scroll indicate there is additional content below the fold. Good use of white space above the above can also encourage user exploration.

The Evidence

To help support this theory we ran scroll mapping tests on a number of our clients’ websites, here’s what we found…

Scrolling Stats 1We also discovered through the heat mapping tests we ran on a website we designed and developed that the most clicked item on the homepage was a button that sits two thirds of the way down the page which equates to approximately just over a third beneath the fold.

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