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one step at a time

I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationships we form with processes. Some people love them and everything they do is process driven down to the T. There are also others who believe it is a dirty word synonymous with lack of freedom and creative restraint. Personally, I love process. Read

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Grapple talk. April’s inaugural Grapple talk saw the presentation of monthly inspirational videos, industry news, and general agency achievements. Every last Friday of the month, we invite the team to share what they’re working on alongside any videos or content they love. Joff Lumb, Head of Digital Creative says: “Grapple talk is Read

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waiting for morpheus

My first experience of a corporate intranet was a little over fifteen years ago when on a sandwich year in industry. At the time it was like logging on to the matrix, an ominous black screen welcomed you adorned with staff memos and notice boards with various links to files Read