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BOOM! Shake-Shake the Room

I’ve been working in digital for not far off 20 years now.

I’ve been working in digital for not far off 20 years now. In that time a lot has happened and the digital landscape continues to evolve, so much so that I sometimes become numb to the wonderful and incredible world online.

However, every now and then something happens that makes me marvel at just how far things have come.

On Monday night two RAF Typhoon jets were scrambled from Coningsby in Lincolnshire, to intercept an unresponsive civilian aircraft. Given the nature of the potential threat, permission was given for them to accelerate past 768mph, causing a Sonic Boom over West Yorkshire.

Now I live in the market town of Guisborough, some 70 miles away from most of my colleagues in Leeds.  A few years ago, the first I would have known of the shaking of houses would be the next morning at work:

“Did anyone hear that bang last night?”
“Yes it was a firework going off”
“No, it was an earthquake”
“Are you sure? It wasn’t Liam falling out of bed was it?” (laughter)
“No I read on the BBC site that it was a Sonic Boom by a fighter jet”

And that would be that.

What did happen however, was this:

The Sonic Boom occurred around 21.50. 

Scrolling through my Facebook feed I noticed a comment at 21.57 –
Just heard two super loud explosions in Leeds, did anyone else hear it?

At 22.03 someone replied 
euro-fighter flew over

At 22.09 another comment read –
Sonic boom from RAF Typhoon

Turning to Twitter, it was awash with #SonicBoom,  #sonicboom #leeds, informing the entire world as to what had just happened.

The following morning these tweets had gone into overload, ranging from very factual infographics, ‘How a Sonic Boom is created’, CCTV captured video of the Sonic Boom, to my favourite, by a West Yorkshire Police Officer:

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.07.45

Even this morning it has emerged that one of the passengers on the plane being escorted into Newcastle airport by the two Typhoons, ‘Googled It’ to find out what was happening.

I have no ground breaking or insightful point to make other than to be still amazed at the industry I work in and the almost instant access to information we have today, either active or in my case passive.

Oh and to join the content #SonicBoom bandwagon by creating this post!

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