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age is more than just a number

Age gates…the childproof medicine caps of the digital world.

Age gates…the childproof medicine caps of the digital world. Although, some people may argue much less effective and to a certain degree I agree; they’re not required by law, they create a barrier to the content and are extremely easy to by-pass by anyone not of required age. However, they are strongly advised when advertising content that is likely to have a strong appeal to minors or that permits alcoholic purchases online, so for responsible brands, it’s always worth having.

Badly designed age gates can be a contributing factor to a high bounce rate on your site as they are likely to deter people from entering if they’re hard to use or take time to complete. So why not think about how you can make yours interesting, unique and creative? Turn it into something reflective of your brand and not just an industry recommendation.

I’ve pulled together a list of 5 age gates that really stood out to me for being unique, engaging and easy to use. The first two in the list were created by yours truly so if you like what you see make sure you take a look at the rest of our work.

Crabbie’s Time

This one is really playful and I think it engages the users on a high level than your average AVP whilst still taking the exact same data…a great reflection of the brand.

Crabbie's AVP
Red Square Vodka

There’s absolutely no time to waste with this one, just tell them the year and get busy exploring!

Kendall Jackson

One click and you’re off; simples. They also make use of a much smaller space which allows the user to catch a glimpse of the content they actually went there to see, almost makes you forget the age-gate is there.

Kendall & Jackson AVP
Southern Comfort

Well, you can’t NOT love this one. Southern Comfort has really nailed the easy going, cool as hell vibes, which reminds me of their well-known ‘Beach’ advert…what.a.classic! If you haven’t seen it before check it out here.

Southern Comfort AVP

Just in case you forget your age, this one does all that hard calculated mathematics for you. Cheers!


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